Our partnership with Children's Health in Dallas, Texas allows the Foundation to provide direct support to the patients and families in need. The families that we assist have at least one child (under 20 years of age) that is battling a life-threatening disease at Children's Health. We provide specific financial assistance with regard to any situation that the family is unable to support at the time. This assistance includes, but is not limited to: medical expenses, utilities, rent, food, clothing, transportation, and household supplies. Our approach is unique in that we have a direct impact in the family’s experience at the hospital as we often make visits and show support through cards, games and other gifts for the children as well. Additionally, we realize the child isn't the only one suffering from their illness, often times the parents are having an equally difficult time, not only from experiencing their child battling an illness, but also from having to manage time between work, paying bills, and providing for the other children at the house.. More

How we help

Our Mission

Inspired by the significant  impact medical costs have on families and the personal obstacles related to health care costs that we have witnessed, The Extra Step set out to alleviate the financial struggles related to medical bills that are so common in American families today. An article published in The American Journal of Medicine, from a Harvard study, indicated that over 60% of bankruptcy filings in The United States occur due to medical expenses, even with 78% of filers having health insurance. At The Extra Step, we firmly believe that no family should experience financial stress due to their child being medically-ill and we are constantly setting up barriers to decrease the amount of these filings. With an individual, personalized assessment of the family’s needs, we are able to construct creative financing that is most beneficial to specific family situations which lets the parents focus on what really matters, the health of their child.

The Lives We Touch

Who we support

Our Mission is to assist underprivileged families who have children battling life-threatening diseases.

This is Bryan, a bright 11 year old boy. Previously in perfect health, a rare diagnosis of TM (Transverse Myelitis) left Bryan in the hospital for over 2 months. With TM, a rare inflammatory disease causing injury to the spinal cord with varying degrees of weakness, sensory alterations, and autonomic dysfunction (the part of the nervous system that controls involuntary activity such as the heart, breathing, digestive system and reflexes) Bryan received physical, occupational and speech therapy at Children’s while requiring feeding and breathing tubes. After Bryan’s diagnosis, mom had to quit her job to be able to stay with him at the hospital, making Bryan’s dad increase his hourly work load to 70 hours a week to try to make ends meet with the increasing medical bills and problems with the insurance company. The Extra Step was able to provide this hard working family with their upcoming rent payment that they were not sure they could cover. To learn about more families we assist please click here.